The Lazarus Foundation – Bringing Joy to Millions –

As a unique Children’s Organization, the Lazarus Foundation is committed to the idea that Even one adolescent or childhood experience may touch a child’s life forever. While other organizations and charities of all types are to help benefit our youth, The Lazarus Foundation is a public nonprofit organization who goes a step further, by really changing the lives of children in a positive way.

This Children’s Charity is a head above the rest. By bringing people together to make change happen in individual, behavior, family support, community conditions and community support.

We believe that information, passion and money have the power to transform lives. There are no limits to the positive change available to a community empowered with all three.


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The Lazarus Foundation Inc.

Welcome to the Lazarus Foundation, A new organization that is simply a crutch to other local organizations in our community that do not have the means to raise contributions. Through the Lazarus Foundation you can request funds that have been accumulated or will be accumulated through local community events and fundraisers.